Dissolved Oxygen Increasing Device​

■ Product Technology

It is a technology developed by applying the shear resistance relationship between the interface of the object and the adjacent area. When oxygen gas is splitted into nanosize by the shear force generated at the interface of the object, dissolved oxygen is increased. Nano-sized oxygen gas exists in water for a long time without degassing, and dissolved oxygen is maintained high for a long time.

■ Product performance

The dissolved oxygen of N2BG product increases to over 40mg/L and maintains high dissolved oxygen of 25mg/L after 24 hours.
High levels of dissolved oxygen can greatly reduce viral disease and decrease fish mortality by 60% (5.1% → 1.7%).

■ Advantages of N2BG

High dissolved oxygen

It is the best technology developed by SNU Nanotechnology.
(Patent number : KR1017181080000)

Long-lasting dissolved oxygen

It has a lower rate of micro-bubbles than other products, minimizing the reduction of dissolved oxygen due to deaerating.

No clogging

This device shows high performance without clogging even in shrimp farms with a high concentration of suspended solids.

■ Product configuration

Dissolved oxygen change in fish Farm

■ Oxygen cost